With just 3 weeks ahead of us before Christmas Day, there’s no time like the present to start preparing your kitchen for the main event- Christmas dinner!

It’s your kitchen’s time to shine and with so much relying on your appliances and your kitchen as a whole, it’s important to have everything in place and ready to tackle making the most delicious meal of the year.

So, here’s your winter kitchen checklist to help you prepare for the busy Christmas period!

Make Sure Your Oven Works

Your oven is the star of the show when it comes to Christmas dinner, so checking that it works before the big day rolls around is a must if you want to avoid added stress on Christmas morning.

Turn it on and make sure that it will cook your food adequately by ensuring that it heats up properly. Food poisoning isn’t a gift that anyone wants for Christmas, so make sure your oven is capable of cooking food fully!Elegant Kitchen in New Luxury Home

It is also advisable to clean out your oven the week prior to Christmas so that it doesn’t affect the efficiency (or taste) of your Christmas meal… and it’s always nice to cook with a sparkling clean oven too!

Check Your Cooking Equipment

There’s nothing worse than going to cook a meal that everyone is looking forward to, only to find that you don’t have enough pots and pans to cook it all in… or at worst, not enough plates for everyone to eat from!

Piece set of saucepans, stainless steel

Now is the time to check that you have enough equipment for the scale of the meal that you are going to be cooking. Ensure that you have enough pans to be cooking all the veg and other trimmings that you require without having to let some go cold while you are waiting for other parts of the meal to cook.

Also make sure that everyone has a plate- you don’t want anyone to miss out on trying your fantastic cooking!

Thoroughly Clean Your Worktops

With so much preparation needed, your worktops are going to be very busy in the days leading up to Christmas Day.

Beautiful Kitchen in Luxury Home

Make sure that you give them a thorough clean to get rid of any grime and dirt build up so that you have a squeaky clean surface to prepare the long awaited food on! Yes, even the best granite worktops in Cheshire need a wipe down every now and then, especially when involved in food preparation!

Decorate Your Kitchen and Dining Area

If you are in charge of creating the masterpiece which is Christmas dinner, you’ll probably be spending the majority of Christmas Day stuck in the kitchen not feeling very festive.

Small christmas cakes

Who says Christmas can’t creep into the kitchen too? Hang some tinsel and don a Christmas hat while you are cooking and we guarantee you’ll start feeling a little bit more festive in no time! Even a simple scented candle with a Christmas themed smell can do wonders for your mood!

Christmas Day doesn’t have to be pandemonium, especially if you have everything planned out beforehand! Having a kitchen which is reliable to work in is also essential to your success, with the worktops and appliances being the most important sections of the room!

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