Whatever theme of decor you aim for within your kitchen (we’ve written about upcoming trends in a recent blog post) there are a few things that remain consistent. No matter what style you want to achieve, there are so many variations of light shades and colour palettes that there are a few staple pieces that will suit the style you are aiming for and make your kitchen look fantastic.

Here are some of our handy tips on how to make everything within your kitchen come together to create the desired effect.

Elegant Kitchen in New Luxury Home

Work surface

Every kitchen needs a work surface, but add a touch of style to yours by looking for granite worktops in Lancashire. The array of colours and patterns that you are able to choose from will suit any surrounding decor. Furthermore, they are practical so you don’t need to compromise on functionality in favour of style.

A Feature Piece

Every kitchen should have a feature that makes your room look worthy of a magazine photo shoot. Whether you choose a large hanging light, or a pot and pan rack for above your kitchen island, a feature piece is vital for anyone who is looking to inject chic into their kitchen.

Beautiful Kitchen in Luxury Home


Kitting your kitchen out with technology that makes paying a visit to your kitchen seem like an event will greatly improve the area and ensure that everyone spends time there.

Whether you add a waffle maker for breakfasts at the weekend, a coffee machine for those early mornings before your commute, or a juicer, adding a bit of tech will make everything in your kitchen a spectacle.

Indoor Plants

Finishing Touches

As with any room, you need to add a few small touches in order to make your house feel like a home. Whether you’re aiming for an industrial interior or a retro feminine kitchen, or just about anything in between, find the appropriate variations of these things to tie your kitchen together and make it beautiful.

For a contemporary style kitchen, add succulents and cacti to your kitchen for a minimalist and modern finish. If you’re aiming for a more traditional feel, traditional fresh herbs will bring some well-needed texture into your room. Likewise, leave out cookbooks if their covers match the design of your room and choose the upholstery of your kitchen stools or chairs based on the overriding decor you want to achieve.

A few slight alterations to staple kitchen pieces will ensure that you have the kitchen that you’ve always desired. For more information about how we can make your room functional and stylish, please don’t hesitate to contact a member of our friendly team by calling 01704 228 574. Alternatively, like us on Facebook to keep up to date with our latest blog posts and news!