Not many of us have the time or budget to get a completely new kitchen every season; however, with a couple of simple changes you can update your kitchen without too much hassle. This might mean switching out your appliances, replacing the worktops or giving the walls a new lick of paint – but whatever you choose, you’ll be amazed at the difference that it can make. Here are a couple of upcoming trends to keep in mind when you’re making your choice:

High Tech – The Connected Kitchen


By now, you’ve probably heard of ‘the internet of things’, which refers to the gadgets and gizmos which connect up to the internet and make our lives easier. Think things like app powered kettles and toasters which allow you to command your kitchen from afar, waking up to a fresh brew or ensuring that the toast is cooked just the way you like it.

The best thing about embracing the high tech aesthetic is that it leaves a lot of freedom when it comes to décor. A minimalist approach is probably the most appropriate, but when it comes to colours and materials almost anything will work.

A ‘connected’ kitchen fits into a wider trend for functional designs which look smart but also put an emphasis on usability over pure style – modern life is hectic enough, you might as well let your kitchen shoulder some of the burden.

Clean yet Characterful – A Contemporary Fusion

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A contemporary fusion of clean surfaces and statement items is replacing minimalism as this year’s simple yet chic style of choice, making for a room which is uncluttered, but still embraces your character. Rather than stripping the room down to only its core elements, you can choose a theme which appeals to you – anything from the industrial to the rustic – and integrate it subtly, with a few carefully chosen pieces rather than a total design overhaul.

This allows you to reduce clutter and open up the space with neutral colours, and it also means that if you decide you want a whole new look come summer, you can make the changes without having to rip everything out and start again.

However you choose to style your kitchen, Granite House can provide beautiful worktops to complete the look, including some of the best quality granite worktops in Cheshire – a material which is both robust and practical, and stunning to look at.

Of course, you don’t need to give the room a complete makeover to benefit from new worktops, and even by themselves they can really freshen up a room. You can get in touch with us today, online or at 01704 228574, to get more details about the products and services that we offer, and find us on Facebook or Twitter if you want more general style tips and company news.