Kitchen design can be incredibly tricky sometimes, especially when it isn’t a large one but there are some nifty little tricks you can implement to make your kitchen space appear larger than it actually is. Unfortunately, over the past few years, home designers are putting less emphasis on the kitchen space- a space which was once the heart of the entire home, but now sadly is often built as not much more than a larger utility space.

Here at Granite House, we provide the very best granite worktops in Lancashire, so we have a few tricks up our sleeves in helping your kitchen appear if it’s larger than it really is, so breathe easier with these tips. 


Keeping everything the same colour can have a huge effect on the size your kitchen appears to be. A light colour, especially white pulls this off the best. Cabinets and appliances blend in with the walls, resulting in things feeling a lot more spacious than they actually are.

color pastel design  selection for interior

Elongated Patterns.

Geometric and striped walls and floors draw attention to the eyes lengthwise and vertically, making the room appear longer and taller than it actually is. If you’re laying a checked tile for instance, you want to lay it on the diagonal, because laying it squarely would make it feel more stunted and chopped up. If you can’t change the floor, adding a pattern runner will have the same effect.

Light Furnishings & Decor.

Certain items such as backless barstools, wire kitchen islands, or glass pendant lights don’t obscure your view of the kitchen, and therefore don’t trip up your eye as you move around the room.

Shiny surfaces.

Reflective surfaces can do wonders for your kitchen’s size appearance if placed strategically, as can reflectively designed elements such as glossy floors, satin paint and glass tiles.

Little Visual Clutter.

One major factor that plays into the size appearance of your kitchen is how much the eyes see when they enter the room. Keeping on top of kitchen cleanliness, as well as keeping your kitchen tops as clutter free as possible will make your kitchen appear at least twice its own size. It’s all about clean lines, without a lot of overly decorative details. For maximum effect, opt for a more minimalist look for your kitchen.


And that’s how you can make your kitchen appear bigger than it really is an effect which not only works to fool your guests but actually creates a nice little design in itself – A cross-breed of designs as it were.

If you’re looking to improve the design of your worktops, we pride ourselves in providing you with some of the best granite worktops in Lancashire. For more information, contact us on 01704 228 574 today!