Here at Granite House we firmly believe that a beautiful kitchen should be in use – there’s no point having a fresh, fashionable and inviting space if you don’t get the pots and pans out and cook up something delicious from time to time!

With that in mind, here are our top three autumn dishes, perfect for warming your belly on a chilly October night. Perfect for the whole family, we hope that you take some inspiration from our recipes and enjoy your kitchen over the coming months.

Pumpkin Soup

Creamy potato soup on a spoon


This is really ideal for Halloween, but there’s no reason not to practice it early.  As simple as it is delicious, pumpkin soup is great for a starter at a dinner party – although you can also rustle it up as a main course and serve with some thick sliced country bread or even a jacket potato. This is a great way to introduce kids to a flavour which they might not have come across before, and if you do decide to wait until Halloween then it will strike a healthy contrast against all of those holiday sweets.

Beef Stew

What could be more homely than a warming beef stew on an autumn weekend? We can’t think of much, which is why we simply had to include this in our recipe round up. Although it will take a while to cook, it’s an easy dinner which you can leave alone for most of the prep time, simply letting those rich flavours mingle while the house fills with the tantalising scents of dinner.

Baked Apple and Cinnamon
Apple Crisps - iStock_000016461695_Medium


A pretty simple recipe, and one which you can get the whole family involved in, all you have to do is remove the core of an apple, fill it with brown sugar and cinnamon, wrap it in tin foil and… bake it! You can also cook it in a bonfire if you want a more authentic taste, however don’t forget to exercise a lot of caution removing the apples from the hot fire.

So there you have it – a full three course autumn dinner, although you certainly don’t have to try them all at the same day. Even if these options don’t take your fancy, we hope that you have fun in your kitchen this autumn. And don’t forget, if you’re feeling a little uninspired by your kitchen then we can help! With some of the best granite worktops in Cheshire, you’re sure to find something which will look and feel great in your home; if you want to discuss the option with our team then get in touch today, online or at 01704 228574.