Everyone has heard of the spring clean, but now that autumn’s rolling around, we’ve got to wondering whether, in its own way, it’s just as good a time to have a big clean and a clear out. The logic behind the spring clean is, generally, that during the long winter months you’ll have collected a lot of clutter and dust, and the fresh clean air of spring offers the perfect time to start afresh.

We agree, but if we’re honest with ourselves most people accumulate odds and ends all year round, and if there’s any time that you really want the house to be clear, it’s the winter – after all, this is when you go into hibernation mode and spend more time indoors, so you want the house to look nice!

In particular, we’re thinking about the kitchen. Autumn and winter are all about cosy casseroles and home-cooked dishes filling the air with warmth and pleasant aromas, so you want to ensure that the BBQ gear has been tidied away for the year and the kitchen is ready to help satisfy those cravings for all things warm, wintery and wonderful.

Use up Summery Food

Barbecue Cutlery

Of course, we don’t want you to simply end up throwing out all the foods which are just too summery! Instead, host one last BBQ/garden party/ celebration of choice – a last hurrah for the summer which allows you to get rid of those frozen burgers and superfood salads.

Hey presto, the cupboards and freezer are clear and ready for you to fill with pumpkin spices and hot chocolate.

Get Your Hands Dirty

If you’re going to be cooking more warm meals then you’ll need to be sure that the oven isn’t going to start pouring smoke out into the room. This means it’s time to get scrubbing; give the cupboards, hob and even the fridge a really good clean and you’ll find yourself looking forward to time spent in the kitchen.

Revamp the Room

kitchen  in the attic

For some people, the idea of spending time in the kitchen just doesn’t fill them with joy – if this sounds like you, but you still find yourself craving those good ol’ family recipes then you could grow to love your kitchen by getting into the decorating mindset.

Think about the surroundings which would make you happier, and make it happen! For instance, if your worktops are looking a little tired or unloved then we can help you out; with some of the most beautiful quartz worktops in Cheshire, and many other products available, you’ll find yourself ready and excited to learn new recipes. For more details, contact us today online or at 01704 228 574.