Refurbishing your house is always very exciting. There’s so many things you want to do with it that your head is teeming with ideas and you have notepads full of roughly drawn biro designs and scribbled down measurements. As a first time buyer, however, you may be new to the scene of granite in all of its durable beauty. The idea of a granite worktop might sound very appealing but do you know what you’re actually buying and how you can use it in your home?


It’s a Quality Product

Granite is renowned for being a good quality, durable material both inside and outside of the home. Able to withstand great pressures, granite is suitable for virtually anywhere in the home, from the bathroom, to the bedroom to the kitchen and beyond, you don’t need to worry about any heavy furniture or kitchen appliances damaging this long-lasting stone.




How Do You Buy a Granite Worktop?

There are a couple of steps you need to take before you head to the shops to find the perfect granite worktop for your kitchen.


Step One- Your Home Design

First of all take a look at the room you’re wanting to refurbish. To get the full, stunning impact of granite it’s important to make sure that it fits in with your home decor… or that you can change your decor to suit your granite worktop. A rustic cottage, for instance, benefitting from a warm, homely, feel might not suit a dark granite worktop. A lighter colouring, however could fit in beautifully with your surrounding tiles and cabinets.



Step Two- Getting the Correct Measurements

Correctly measuring your worktop is vital if you want a well fitted granite worktop. Our user friendly process of gaining your dream worktops makes this step very easy. First and foremost you’ll need to get a quotation from us. You can do this either by email or by our online form.


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Step Three- Getting Your Template

The next step requires getting a template made for your worktop. One of our professional in-house templaters will be in touch to arrange a time and date for them to call in and make an accurate template of your worktop. Once this is done a 50% deposit is required and can easily be arranged over the phone.

Once your template is complete, our friendly templater will talk you thorough the process, outlining the exact measurements and specifications required for your worktop.



Step Four- Creating Your Worktop

Fabricating your work top requires cutting it from a single slab of granite. This ensures that the pattern matches up exactly giving you the best quality around!




Step Five- Installation

Creating your worktop normally takes 5 working days, however it can take longer if very specific layouts. Once completed, however, we are able to install the worktop into your home within 2-4 hours, ensuring everything fits and matches up perfectly.


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We pride ourselves in providing you with quality granite worktops in Lancashire. For more information, contact us today on 01704 228 574