Having a beautiful garden is something that most home owners aspire to create. However, simply creating a garden masterpiece is only the first step in the quest for complete back yard beauty; the hard work of maintaining and caring for your garden begins as soon as you plant that first flower.

It needn’t be back-breaking work, though, and as we provide a wide range of high quality paving stones and granite worktops in Lancashire, we definitely know a thing or two about appreciating and maintaining natural areas and materials.

With this knowledge, we’ve put together a quick to-do list when it comes to keeping your garden area beautiful.


Plants need watering consistently for the best results, but it’s really important that you don’t over-water them. Overwatering can hinder the plant’s growth and can be just as damaging as under watering them.

Different soil types require different watering techniques, so it’s important to be able to detect whether you are under or overwatering plants in various different soil conditions.

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Overwatering can be hard to spot at first, but can easily be detected if you notice mould or moss growing on top of your soil, or the area around the stem of the plant is well soaked. Under watering can be identified by the drying out of leaves and browning of the stem and surrounding leaves.


Pull any weeds that you may see growing in your garden. Not only are they an annoying, unattractive pest to have in your garden, but they can also make a home for harmful insects and diseases which you don’t want in your beautiful landscape.


Try to keep on top of weed growth, especially in planting season as they can seriously harm plant growth and simply make your beautiful flower beds look bare and unkempt.

Paving Stone Maintenance

It’s not just the green aspects of your garden that need care and maintenance, your natural materials need a bit of TLC too.

Regularly brushing your paving slabs cleans off any debris and dirt that may have built up on the natural stone surface and will also help to prevent any weeds, mould or moss from growing.

Giving your stone paving slabs a good wash with a power washer is also a great way to keep your garden looking beautiful. Make sure you work slowly and concentrate on small areas at any one time to get the best results, but make sure that the pressure isn’t too high or you may cause damage to your natural stone. If you have an industrial pressure washer, make sure to use a pressure much lower than 2000 psi to avoid causing damage, and use larger, sweeping motions to avoid exerting too much pressure in one area.

Weeding is also important here too, as if weeds begin to grow in between the joints of the stone slabs, the paving can become weakened even when the weeds are removed. If you have pulled weeds out from between the joins of your paving, be sure to fill the gaps that have been left by the weed.

It’s also essential that you check for any damage and repair or replace as soon as you notice it. Natural stone is hard-wearing, but it isn’t immune to cracks and erosion. A good maintenance routine can reduce the risk of damage, as well as keeping your paving looking good as new.

Here at Granite House, we love taking advantage of the natural space and materials that we have access too, no matter if it’s inside or out. We have a wide variety of natural materials such as granite and quartz for a range of different installations. From paving to worktops, we have you covered, so don’t delay in getting in contact with us if you would like more information.Phone our team today on 01704 228 574 and one of our fantastic staff members will be happy to take your call.