At Granite House we’re passionate about the standard of service you receive; more than that, we’re dedicated to providing the very best marble tiles in Liverpool. For any of you first time buyers of this timeless marble stone, we’re going to tell you a little bit about the different rooms in your house and how marble tiles can transform them into a classical grand design.

The Kitchen

You can typically expect to see marble tiles and counter tops in a kitchen, and this is all down to their durability. Un-weathered by the elements, the metamorphic rock offers up a strong, hard-to-scratch surface which makes it perfect for the day to day lives of kitchen activities. From slamming down the shopping to chopping up the vegetables, marble counters abide, remaining unmarked and pristine in their colour and form. Marble is also easy to wipe down, as its smooth surface allows any food stains to be scrubbed off thoroughly without leaving any marks.


The Bathroom

Marble tiles have been utilised and stylised in the bathroom for centuries. In this room you may decide to turn your bathroom into a stylish wet room. Keeping true to their form, marble creates an ageless atmosphere in its grandeur, and with full wall to floor coverage, your bathroom can benefit from one of the world’s most prized stones. How may this benefit you? Tiles are generally used in rooms constantly under attack from steam and humidity in order to save the walls from damp. Marble tiles, with their spectacular strength and seamlessly smooth surfaces, allow water droplets to slide straight off of them without soaking into the stone.


A Pool

It may surprise you but swimming pools can also benefit from a marble decor. Marble baths have been very popular with the upper class for generations, used as a means of showing off their status and wealth, so why not take it to the next level and use marble tiles to deck out your pool for the ultimate swimming experience? You could always style the tiles around the edges of your pool, creating a dramatic run up to your stress free swimming pool. If you’re interested in seeing what projects we’ve undertaken with swimming pools, why not take a look at our projects?





We know you must have seen plenty of films with manor houses and dramatic, sweeping marble staircases. So why not consider designing a marble topped staircases in your house, or a feature wall running up length of your staircase? We provide Spanish Beltrimi Crema Marfil tiles, an elegant, style which will bring a touch of old world class into your home.



The Living Room

It may surprise you that your living room can benefit from marble tiles too. This doesn’t mean you need to cover your perfectly painted walls with this age-defying stone if you don’t want to, you can simply include marble into your furniture. A marble topped coffee table can be both sophisticated and, thanks to the stone’s natural elements, durable, allowing you to make the most out of your table for years to come.

living room

The Bedroom

Again, the bedroom may not immediately jump to mind when you’re considering buying marble tiles. A feature wall, however, will create a luxurious atmosphere for you and your other half to admire and relax in. For a modern home you could even use our Turkish Marble Grand Opus tiles ; a sophisticated design set out in a specific way to create a rich, sumptuous feel to your bedroom.


If you’re feeling particularly inclined, you could also design your home to include marble flooring; an elegant and practical way of providing an easy, carefree floor you don’t need to worry about chipping, staining or scratching. If you’re interested in seeing how you can include our marble tiles into your home, contact us today on 01704 228 574 for the best marble tiles in Liverpool.