Superwhite is a lovely stone that originates from Brazil.  Its popularity for use as a  kitchen worktop has increased in high end kitchens over the last 18 months. It has a lovely look of a marble worktop without the inherent issues that put people off marble worktops like acid etching and scratching. However Superwhite is not a true Quartzite that is as hard as granite if not harder, it is actually a dolomite. Which has properties that are between marble and granite.  Our advice is to get a small sample of superwhite and test it with lemon juice and weak acids to see if it acid etches and scratches easily. However it is a truly stunning material, exceptional when used as a worktop in the right setting. For our team here we believe superwhite displays all the character of natural stone, being truly individual and unique. Let our Superwhite worktops bring the beauty of nature to your home.

SUPER WHITE quartzite worktopSo in conclusion what is superwhite? Well most fabricators would class superwhite as a quartzite though that is not 100 percent true. However in the fabrication industry stones are often clumped together and grouped into large groupings, though these may not be geologically accurate. Many stones sold as granite are infact gneiss like kashmir white and kashmir gold. So would we recommend superwhite for use as your kitchen worktop? Most definately, it will require some care however it looks truly stunning as a kitchen worktop. Make an informed decision take a sample home, try it by  squeezing some lemon juice onto the surface and cutting on it with a knife. See the results and make your mind up based on the facts. If you require any further details please dont hesitate to call us.