Here at Granite House, we have over 30 years of experience when supplying and installing natural and engineered stone surfaces. This is why we like to think that we have specialist knowledge when it comes to the different materials that can be used inside your home.

The two main types of worktops are granite and quartz, and both have their advantages. We will be looking at the advantages of quartz worktops in this blog; specifically Silestone.


Bacterial Protection

Silestone quartz is a compound that is made up of 94% natural quartz, meaning it is extremely resilient. It also happens to be the only quartz worktop that is made with anti-bacterial protection, meaning it has added hygiene benefits.

Stain Resistant

Silestone quartz is easily able to withstand everyday spills. This means that stains such as coffee, wine, food and makeup are easy to remove, as liquids are not absorbed.

Scratch Resistant

It is one of the hardest materials available. This results in it being very durable and able to withstand a lot of aggression from external sources.

Acid Resistant

Again, quartz is probably one of the hardest raw materials in the world. This in return means that the product has a high level of resistance to factors such as acid spills.

Impact Resistant  

Silestone quartz has a high impact resistance that’s better than all other products of a similar nature. This is a huge advantage when using it for kitchen worktops, as it guarantees your safety when handling objects such as pots and pans.

This hard resistance is due to several reasons; namely, its natural hardness as a type of quartz, polyester resin elasticity and the vibrocompression system that is used during its production


The best thing is that it’s available as a wide range of colours and styles. In fact, it is available in over 60 different colours. Due to it being man made, you are able to customise your silestone worktops to whatever fits your home interior better. There is a colour to suit every style!



As you can see, there are many advantages to choosing silestone quartz worktops for your home. If you would like to speak to someone about ordering any of our products or you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can call us on 01704 228574 and a member of staff will be happy to help.