This is a debate which has raged for years and will no doubt continue for many years to come. In our humble opinion there can be no outright winner and depending on your application and design needs there is always one that will be best for you.

As far as granite, quartz and Corian® worktops are concerned, there used to be a major cost differential. However due to technology advances and manufacturing efficiencies these differences have become less noticeable. From a design perspective, Corian® and quartz worktops are available in a much wider range of colours that are just not available in granite worktops.So, if really would like a lime green worktop or even a plain, crisp un-patterned white worktop then it would be a Corian® or quartz worktop you would be looking for. However, if you are searching for a striking pattern, or a work of art to make a statement, then there is no doubt that a granite worktop is your best choice. See images of Cosmic Black or Juperana Gold in our Gallery.
Quartz worktops come in a wide range of plain colours; however the joints are visible, whereas in Corian® worktops the joints are virtually invisible. Corian® worktops scratch quite easily compared to quartz worktops, but the scratches can be just as easily polished out. When it comes to heat resistance both Corian® worktops and quartz worktops have their issues. Quartz worktops can suffer from thermal shock and the resin can even change colour. For example, if you were to place a pan of boiling water directly onto a quartz worktop it will show a ring mark that is very difficult to remove; although new processes bare currently coming on to the market that may improve that position. If place on a Corian® worktop, then the pan would actually melt into the Corian® worktop, although it can be repaired without replacing the whole worktop.

Quartz worktops are more resistant to heat than Corian® worktops but they are both outperformed by granite worktops which best resist the heat. Although granite would generally be undamaged, you should exercise caution as granite worktops can also suffer from thermal shock, resulting in rapid expansion in a localised area that increases the risk of cracks.

So to summarise for…

HEAT RESISTANCE its Granite followed by Quartz then Corian®
SCRATCH RESISTANCE its Quartz, followed by Granite then Corian®
DESIGN POTENTIAL it’s Corian®, followed by Quartz then Granite

We hope you find this guide helpful. We aim to please and although everybody claims their product is best for you, it is still your personal choice and you can only ensure that by being as well informed as possible. We have endeavoured to include as much honest information as possible to cut through the plethora of sales and marketing material.

In our experience there isn’t one single exceptional product that is head and shoulders above the rest. Personally, I’m definitely a granite worktops man because I just love the natural beauty and depth of natural stone. I see at as nature’s own masterpiece portrayed in every single slab and granite worktop.

However I know my colleagues will disagree with me. Sat right next to me is a Corian® man, who just loves the curves and forms that can be fabricated for Corian®, whilst opposite is one of the biggest fans of quartz worktops. Angela has just had one of our latest quartz worktops fitted in her kitchen at home.

Whatever you prefer, we will help you to make the right decision.