Why Use Book Matched Marble?

Marble is a popular choice for bathrooms and kitchens thanks to its timeless and elegant look. To achieve an even more impressive visual impact, book matched marble offers a truly stunning effect.

Book matching means the two adjoining surfaces mirror each other. The effect means it looks like an opened book, or butterfly wings – this is where the term ‘book matching’ or ‘butterflied’ comes from.

The process splits the marble down the centre to produce two identical grains in mirror image. This is created by cutting a block of veined marble into slabs. The first slab in a block is polished on one side and the slab next to it is polished on the opposite side. If these slabs are placed side-by-side, they are nearly mirror images of one another, as the pattern continues from one slab to the next with no break.


This means we can create a fully coordinated design, matching colours, veins and characteristics of the slabs to create mirror image impressions. We use this technique for both contemporary and traditional settings, when we want the design to flow continuously. It is usually more common in larger spaces where you can appreciate its full effect, for example in bathrooms, wet rooms, kitchen islands and feature walls.

One example of a project we’ve completed using book matched marble was for a luxury bathroom in central London. In order to give our client the ‘wow’ factor, our in-house team advised that the book matched detailing should be added to the floor and shower enclosure, which was created using Statuario Venato marble.

A specific refinement was cutting the shelf in the shower enclosure from the same piece of marble as the wall panels, so that the distinctive patterned veining was continuous. This level of detail required considerable craftsmanship and was a challenge that our project team were only too happy to tackle.


By the end of the project, the architect remarked that the finished shower enclosure looked “absolutely stunning” and the tradesmen on site also commented how impressed they were with the way the veining flowed throughout the enclosure in perfect symmetry.

If you want to achieve the ‘wow’ factor in your home, talk to our expert team to find out how we can help you add a touch of luxury – get in touch with us by calling 01704 228 574 or visiting our showroom.

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