Our experienced multi-skilled project team works with architects, developers and other specifiers in fabricating, supplying and fitting natural stone and quartz.  We have particular expertise in all engineered surfaces especially Neolith and Dekton.   

Feature Pool Wall

CASE STUDY: Feature Pool Wall

We were contacted by a important client in November 2013, who wanted to complete his new indoor swimming pool by Christmas the same year!

After consultation, we came up with the concept of a unique relief feature wall, some 12 metres long by three metres high.

The stone was an Italian Limestone quarried from a cave in the Apennines and we also supplied and fitted matching floor tiles and copings for the water level deck surrounds.

The various textures and orientation on the wall gives a stunning 3D effect and the colour is very popular at the moment - grey being the new black. 

The innovative finishes from Calcestruzzi Rulatto also add to the overall effect along with the natural fossils contained within the material.

We are proud of our workmanship and the visual impact, but even more importantly, our client is absolutely delighted.

Curved Bar Top: 210mm

CASE STUDY: Curved Bar Top: 210mm 

Material: Caesarstone, Jet Black, 3100

We were presented with a design for a curved bar top requiring a hardwearing and durable black material. Although a stunning design, clearly some basic material considerations had not been taken into account. With traditional manufacturing methods the proposed design would only be possible by specifying Corian®; however the client specifically wanted the bar top in Caesarstone (Jet Black, 3100).

However, as we always seek to push the boundaries of our existing expertise we willingly accepted the challenge. We had previously fabricated curved Caesarstone for another, smaller, bar top and knew the process and the potential problems fairly well. However, this was a more extensive project with a much larger drop-down, mitred apron and a very tight radius on the end of the curve. As a further design consideration, the designers had decided upon a curved up-stand on the service side of the bar to replicate the curve on the outside of the bar.

The Granite House projects team liaised with the designers and a form of the curve required was made available to us in our workshops, enabling us to perfect the curve’s radius and overall dimensions.

The bar top was then templated in-situ with the designer present to clarify and confirm the finer details, for example some illuminated glass panels needed to be inset into the bar top and the positioning of a small preparatory sink was also agreed.

Although the fabrication presented us with considerable challenges, the finished article was truly breath-taking and absolutely unique. Two delivery vehicles were required to deliver the bar and the bar was virtually the last project on the house before overall completion. When the two pieces were joined together and the bar was finally installed, the designers were very impressed by the quality of workmanship, as were the builders who were also full of praise for our onsite team.

This project would never have been possible without our professional expertise and determination to get the job done. Most granite fabricators would not have been willing to attempt such a project, but Granite House isn’t most granite companies. We are as unique as the bar we helped to create, with many years of experience and extensive knowledge of the industry.

When you commission Granite House you can rest assured that we will help you to complete your project successfully, no matter how intricate or potentially difficult it may appear to be.

Book Matched Marble

CASE STUDY: Book-matched Bathroom

Material: Statuario Venato Marble

Granite House was consulted by a property developer with regard to a prestigious project in central London. Our in-house projects team were asked to liaise direct with the architect for the selection of material and for the finer design elements and book match detailing.

To create the best possible outcome we advised the architect on a few refinements to give the bathroom an even better visual impact. We advised that book matched detailing be added to the floor and shower enclosure so that a fully co-ordinated design, matching the veining through all joins, flowed through from the centre of the shower waterfall spout. We also recommended a reduction of 40mm in the overall ceiling height so that the maximum available height of the marble slabs we were sourcing could be accommodated without joins. We sent images of the Italian marble we recommended to the architect, who consulted with their client who was delighted with the stone and all specifications were approved and signed off.


After liaising with the site managers to check schedules we arranged access for our templating and installation team. There were some considerable logistical problems to overcome, not least of which was the logistical challenge of safely transporting 14 slabs of marble up six flights of stairs! By removing a window and removing certain staircase spindles we were able to manoeuvre the marble into position without any problems, despite many other tradesman on site being of the opinion that it would be impossible to do so.


The architect approved the templates and was consulted throughout the process on all major decisions such as book matching detail and floor joins. By working closely with the design team we were able to point out that the specified drainage detailing of the shower enclosure may need to be amended due to the increased water volume from the Drombracht waterfall showerhead. Our suggestion was approved and improved groove and drainage detailing was incorporated into the detailed blueprints.


Another refinement was cutting the shelf in the shower enclosure from the same piece of marble as the wall panels, so that the distinctive patterned veining was continuous. Such detailing required considerable craftsmanship and is a challenge that our project team is only too happy to tackle.


We manufactured the marble slabs and our installation team were back on site ready to fit within a week. The finished shower enclosure looked ‘absolutely stunning’ - the architect’s words not ours - and all the other tradesmen on site were simply astounded by the quality of our work and the way the veining flowed throughout the project in perfect symmetry.


Needless to say his clients were not just happy – they were ecstatic. They have a shower enclosure that is not just somewhere to be refreshed but, thanks to our innovative and professional project team, was now truly a work of art in its own right.


Obviously, it was not the easiest project to complete but our professional reputation benefitted from the experience. The architect gave us really good feedback and naturally we are still working with him to this day.


As the saying goes ‘the devil is in the detail’ and we fully understand that first-hand attention needs to be given to all projects; before during and even after your project is completed. Here at Granite House we thrive on tackling complex projects and we anticipate the potential problems and by working closely with you and attending meetings on-site.

The best guarantee we can give you is that ‘when the going gets tough the tough get going!’

We won’t let you down and that’s what sets us apart from many other companies.