How to Style Your Kitchen Worktop

Kitchen worktops can be a daunting space to style. You can have kitchen appliances, dishes, old mail, or plants lying about that make it a struggle to keep worktops clean and organised. They are a big feature in any kitchen, and you’ll want to explore how you can add decorative appliances and objects to create a welcoming environment.

The first thing to consider is the style of your kitchen. You can combine decoration with function, and add cooking supplies that look the part. A theme will help you know which colours to choose from, and what will look best.



A modern looking kitchen can be minimalistic and it can let you play with colours. If your kitchen has darker colours, white dishware will look modern on your worktops and give it a simple, but elegant look.Minimalistic doesn’t mean you can’t add everything you wish; you can add modern jars made of stainless steel for storage, a display for your knives, and white pots for plants.

A vibrant, red colour will look beautiful with stainless steel appliances, making them stand out against a lighter kitchen worktop. You can add the latest technology in kitchen appliances and make your kitchen a futuristic paradise, with a blender, a coffee maker, and a toaster.



Having a country style kitchen gives you a warm, welcoming feeling. It’s a beautiful design choice for wooden decorations, like cutting boards, and you can add hanging copper pots and pans. This style can be considered more cluttered in comparison with a modern style, but if you love having cookbooks, plants, and hand operated appliances, then they fit right in with this kitchen style.

Darker, granite worktops combined with wooden decorations will give your kitchen a natural, earth-like feel. Herbs and spices on display will complement the look, and jars with coffee and tea are a wonderful addition.



A white kitchen looks open and it catches the light wonderfully. You can add your cooking oils near the stove, and choose colourful decorations and dishware. A fruit bowl with your favourite fruit will add character and personality to your kitchen.

If you love both modern and traditional kitchens, you can add wooden boards and bowls, apothecary jars with herbs, and colourful jellies. The white furniture allows you to play with colours and hues and have a rainbow of decorations and fun cutlery.


Different worktop colours and materials will change the feel and the design of your kitchen. You don’t have to compromise with appliances and decorations; the wide variety of colours and materials allows you to choose what best fits your kitchen worktops and your preferences.

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