Monthly Archives: August 2016

Attractive Kitchen Designs (Infographic)

Choosing the right kitchen worktop for your needs is essential! Not only do you want a surface that can withstand the test of time – as well as the normal wear and tear that comes with regular use – but you also want one that is visually pleasing. Attractive kitchen designs, then, can elevate any kitchen to the next level! Continue reading

Adding a Touch of Autumn to Your Kitchen

Is autumn your favourite season? If you’ve been waiting to bring out the pumpkins and remodel your kitchen, now is the perfect time!

Autumn is the perfect season to incorporate all of the lovely, earthy tones that nature provides around these months. As the season changes, so can your kitchen, with stunning décor that will help your kitchen transition from summer to autumn.

Continue reading

Customise Your Granite Worktop


A great worktop is a good deal more than just a slab of granite – it should be customised to perfectly fit the needs of your own kitchen. We often talk about the gadgets, decorations and organisational systems that you can use to bring purpose and personality to your kitchen, but what about the design of the worktops themselves? Continue reading

Tips to Have Child-Friendly Worktops in Your Kitchen (Part 2)

Back in July, we wrote an article which detailed just some of the things that you could do to make your worktop safe for children to work on.

This month, we’ve thought of a few more tips that we’d like to add – so we’re doing just that! Here’s a few more helpful ideas to get your little ones more involved within the kitchen environment! Continue reading

The Benefits of Having Granite Countertops

In order to have the kitchen of your dreams it’s necessary that you take several factors into consideration, such as working out the style of the kitchen and choosing the right furniture. Another very important factor that requires careful thought is picking out the perfect worktop – far from being a last-minute detail, worktops can make or break a design, as every little detail counts. Continue reading