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Tips to Have Child-Friendly Worktops in Your Kitchen (Part I)

You might be thinking that the kitchen is no place for the little ones with its wide range of potential hazards: oven, fires, knives… But when you’re cooking a delicious meal by the stove to feed the whole family for dinner and you have to keep an eye on your three-year-old, you need to make your kitchen worktops safe – and fun, too, or your child will refuse to stay with you!

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How to Choose the Perfect Worktop

Your kitchen worktop goes through a lot every day – from unloading all those shopping bags to preparing your beautiful, hand-cooked meals – so it’s vital that you can pick the right surface for your needs. The way it looks is equally important, since you probably want it to match your interior design without clashing.

This means that there are many elements you need to consider before choosing a worktop, from the perfect colour that will match the rest of the kitchen to the materials it should be made of. Continue reading

Choosing the Perfect Worktop at a Showroom

Worktops are constantly exposed to many organic substances like water and detergents. It’s important to have durable and easy to maintain worktops, which with today’s amazing range of materials is not only possible but easy.

Getting inspiration from the internet as a reference tool to find the perfect worktop is amazing, but there’s nothing like visiting a showroom in person. Worktops are a long term investment and it can seem daunting to choose colours and materials, especially when scratch resistance and practicality are factors to consider.

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Traders and Granite House: How We can Help Each Other

Kitchen interior design of luxury apartment

Did you know that here at Granite House, we don’t just supply our services to domestic customers? That’s right, we also provide a full trade service alongside our domestic services, too!

It’s never been easier to get your hands on high quality, natural worktops in the trade sector, and we’re excited to be able to provide you with such!

But what does this mean for you? Will it improve your service by working with us?

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