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Creating a Timeless Trend with Your Kitchen Worktop


The very idea of an interior trend is to create an aesthetic that people will incorporate into their home for a short period of time. What was considered to be the height of interior fashion in the 1990s is very different to what we consider to be en vogue two decades later. Continue reading

Benefit From Our Experience and Expertise


At Granite House, we pride ourselves on providing the best quality products to create truly stunning interior designs in and around your home. We also strive to bring you excellent customer service from the moment we give you your quote until after it’s all done and dusted by making sure you’re enjoying your space as much as possible with the correct maintenance and aftercare.

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Quartz vs. Granite: Which One Should You Choose?

Kitchen worktop sample swatches

When it comes to deciding which countertop material to use in the kitchen, homeowners are left with a difficult choice. If you’ve been browsing interior design websites for ideas or devouring Pinterest for inspiration, you’ve probably realised that your choice really comes down to choosing between two materials; quartz and granite.

Granite is a natural stone. It’s probably one of the most popular countertop materials available. On the other hand, quartz is a manufactured composite that has similar features to stone. It has recently become a lot more popular.

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Granite Worktops, are they out of fashion?

So has granite had its day as a worktop? that is a question that many designers are asking. Though the practically of quartz worktops and the new more natural colours are making quartz much more popular than before, granite is still being specified throughout kitchens though not in the same volume as before, so what does this mean for the good old granite worktop?  Well in all the time we have been working with stone we have seen the trends change constantly, from just black granite to light colours, to quartz colours, and then exotic granites. However the current at the current time Granite worktops are specified mainly in exotic colours, however we see the trend moving towards textures and finishes. You can take a simple granite like steel grey and play with textures and then you have the Steel Grey Alligato finish that looks amazing. Cosmic Black Leather is a very popular granite for us, and looks amazing in a bespoke kitchen, the last installation was with a hand painted in-frame bespoke kitchen looked amazing. Then there is the rise of quartzite worktops like the Taj Mahal quartzite and the Superwhite that are more expensive than standard granites. This is where we see the market in granite Worktops moving towards more unique materials, and textures. The trusty old Angolan black Granite Worktop will be still be used but the markets appetite is now ripe for newer colours, but it is harder for designers to sell due to the relatively unpredictable nature of stone and patterns these types of colours need to be viewed either as a high resolution image or inperson prior to purchase. So for ease many designers will specify quartz. But for me Natural beats man made, time after time. We can see the Bespoke Side has started move away from the quartz and move into more unique materials that will be more expensive whether natural or natural looking. Some of these are more difficult to work, like the porcelain worktops and Lapitec. Already this year the interest and number of enquiries in Sintered surfaces like Dekton, Lapitec, Neolith, and Laminam is already up and this is a trend we see continuing. So has the granite worktop had its day? In my humble opinion the trusty rock worktop has been around for millions of years its not going to disappear now.