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Quartz worktop trends for 2016

marble texture, white marble background

For 2016 expect to see quartz worktops that mimic the beauty of nature.

We are seeing market leaders like Caesarstones new range gaining popularity in Top End Kitchens. Colours like the Bianco Drift, Calacatta Nouvo, and Piatra Grey that mimic the veining of natural marble are very fashionable and many designers are incorporating this look into their kitchens for 2016. Continue reading

Tips to Care for Quartz Worktops

Barbecue Cutlery

Opting for quartz worktops is a choice made by many homeowners, since the finished product is durable and easy to maintain. Moreover, quartz offers more possibilities in terms of design, as it’s capable of providing colours and textures not found in natural products like granite. Another great reason to choose this material instead of marble or granite is that quartz is waterproof, so it doesn’t require special treatment with a sealant for long-term maintenance. Continue reading

Is The Lighting In My Kitchen Important?

Lightbulb - iStock_000027573418_Medium

Let’s face it, lighting isn’t something that many people actively think of when they first decide to re-design their kitchen. Surely one light is enough if it’s strong enough to light the whole room, right?

In fact, lighting is one of the main aspects of a kitchen design that should be looked at first. It’s more important than you think, not only with regards to how your kitchen will look, but your safety while in the kitchen, too!

Working with many different clients during their kitchen overhaul by providing our beautiful granite worktops in Cheshire, we’ve learnt a thing or two about how the lighting of a kitchen can dramatically change the design. Here are 2 main reasons why you should think more about lighting when redesigning your kitchen space.

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Quick and Easy Kitchen Storage Hacks


If your kitchen isn’t giving you as much storage space as you would have liked then it’s time to start making use of these simple storage hacks – perfect for small kitchens, but also great for anybody who thinks that they must be able to get a little bit more out of the busiest room of the house… Continue reading

Your Ultimate Guide to Kitchen Layouts

Elegant Kitchen in New Luxury Home

No two kitchens will ever be exactly the same thanks to the varying shapes and sizes of different kitchens.

Each kitchen will have a kitchen layout which will work best, so it’s important to educate yourself on the different layouts that are available if you are thinking about renovating your kitchen.

Lifestyle and requirements that you have of your kitchen may also influence the way in which your kitchen layout is determined, so make sure you are pinpointing what you need your kitchen to have and how much you use it when choosing a new kitchen layout.

Here are five of the most common kitchen layouts that we see in homes up and down the country.

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