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3 Places You Neglect when Cleaning Your Kitchen (But Shouldn’t)

Open refrigerator with stocked food products in commercial kitchen

Not everyone likes cleaning their kitchen, even though it’s one of the most important rooms in the house to keep clean; after all, it is the room that all your food will be prepared in!

But what if we told you that even the cleanliest of cleaners were missing areas in their supposedly thorough kitchen clean? As leading providers and installers of worktops in Cheshire, you could say that we know a thing or two about the kitchen, so here are three areas of your kitchen that you are probably neglecting when cleaning… but really shouldn’t be!

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Must Have Items for Your Kitchen

Beautiful Kitchen in Luxury Home

Whatever theme of decor you aim for within your kitchen (we’ve written about upcoming trends in a recent blog post) there are a few things that remain consistent. No matter what style you want to achieve, there are so many variations of light shades and colour palettes that there are a few staple pieces that will suit the style you are aiming for and make your kitchen look fantastic.

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How Not to Scratch Your Granite Worktop



As providers of stunning granite worktops in Liverpool we know just how much you love natural stone surfaces and, to be honest, we don’t blame you. Their high-quality, rustic and stylish appearances make for the perfect, long lasting addition to our homes and gardens. To keep them looking their best, however, a certain amount of care and consideration is needed; especially when avoiding scratches! Continue reading

Upcoming Kitchen Interior Trends for 2016

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Not many of us have the time or budget to get a completely new kitchen every season; however, with a couple of simple changes you can update your kitchen without too much hassle. This might mean switching out your appliances, replacing the worktops or giving the walls a new lick of paint – but whatever you choose, you’ll be amazed at the difference that it can make. Here are a couple of upcoming trends to keep in mind when you’re making your choice:

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