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Granite Guidance – All You Need to Know about Granite Worktops

Deciding to renovate your kitchen is no easy task, and with so many different aspects that you will probably need to change, it can be very easy to choose furnishings and decorations simply because they are easily available rather than choosing them because they are perfect for your room.

As renovations should be seen as an investment rather than a “make do” solution, it’s important to ensure that you are using materials which are long lasting as well as attractive.

Our durable granite worktops from Lancashire are the perfect choice for strong, resilient countertops; beinghard wearing means that there is less chance that you will need to repair or replace them over the years!

So what is it about granite that makes it so perfect as a countertop material?

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3 Ways to Keep Your Home Feeling Cosy This Autumn


Autumn is definitely here and although the colder weather has started setting in, you may still feel reluctant to switch on that heating in your home.

But what if we told you that you can make your home feel warmer without having to worry about your heating bill? Believe it or not, the way that you decorate your home can have a massive impact on how warm you will feel, simply using material and colour!

Want to know how? Wonder no longer! Here are out 3 tips on how to keep your home feeling warm and cosy this autumn without running up a huge heating bill!

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It’s Bigger on the Inside: Making Your Kitchen Look Bigger


Kitchen design can be incredibly tricky sometimes, especially when it isn’t a large one but there are some nifty little tricks you can implement to make your kitchen space appear larger than it actually is. Unfortunately, over the past few years, home designers are putting less emphasis on the kitchen space- a space which was once the heart of the entire home, but now sadly is often built as not much more than a larger utility space.

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Make the Most of your Kitchen with these Autumn Dishes

Here at Granite House we firmly believe that a beautiful kitchen should be in use – there’s no point having a fresh, fashionable and inviting space if you don’t get the pots and pans out and cook up something delicious from time to time! Continue reading