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How to Care For and Maintain Your Garden

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Having a beautiful garden is something that most home owners aspire to create. However, simply creating a garden masterpiece is only the first step in the quest for complete back yard beauty; the hard work of maintaining and caring for your garden begins as soon as you plant that first flower.

It needn’t be back-breaking work, though, and as we provide a wide range of high quality paving stones and granite worktops in Lancashire, we definitely know a thing or two about appreciating and maintaining natural areas and materials.

With this knowledge, we’ve put together a quick to-do list when it comes to keeping your garden area beautiful.

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Important Maintenance Tips for Autumn

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As a leading supplier of high quality granite worktops in Cheshire, we know the amount of care and attention that goes into making a home. So as the summer sadly falls away and autumn looms around the corner, now is the best time to check up on all those little jobs outside the house that you put off while the sun was still shining. Continue reading

Your Guide to Setting Up a Sizzling Summer Garden Party

Vegetables barbecue

Ah, summer- the season of the grill.

You’ve probably experienced the smoky, mouth-watering scents that come along with people hosting garden parties around you area, and maybe you are thinking of hosting one yourself.

Take a look at our handy sizzling summer party guide to making sure your garden is looking ship shape before your guests arrive!

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5 Benefits of Using Stone Paving Around Your Home


Natural stone paving is a thing of beauty. It looks fantastic and boasts a wide range of benefits that you can make use of, especially in your garden and around the outside of your home.

As a leading supplier of high quality granite worktops in Cheshire, we understand the advantageous benefits that come with working with a natural material. We’ve cobbled together 5 of the main advantages of using natural stone paving, so let’s get to it!

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