Monthly Archives: June 2015

Grand Design- The Best Rooms for Marble


At Granite House we’re passionate about the standard of service you receive; more than that, we’re dedicated to providing the very best marble tiles in Liverpool. For any of you first time buyers of this timeless marble stone, we’re going to tell you a little bit about the different rooms in your house and how marble tiles can transform them into a classical grand design.

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Decisions, Decisions: Deciding Which Worktop Is Right For You

Choosing the right worktop for your kitchen is essential, as you must have a surface that can cope with your daily needs and requirements as well as being able to fit beautifully into the interior design of your home.

Granite House are specialist providers of solid surface, ceramic, quartz and granite worktops in Cheshire, meaning that we know how to help you to find the right worktop for your requirements. Here, we will show you the properties of each of these materials and how they can work in your home.

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