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Customise Your Granite Worktop


A great worktop is a good deal more than just a slab of granite – it should be customised to perfectly fit the needs of your own kitchen. We often talk about the gadgets, decorations and organisational systems that you can use to bring purpose and personality to your kitchen, but what about the design of the worktops themselves? Continue reading

Choosing the Perfect Worktop at a Showroom

Worktops are constantly exposed to many organic substances like water and detergents. It’s important to have durable and easy to maintain worktops, which with today’s amazing range of materials is not only possible but easy.

Getting inspiration from the internet as a reference tool to find the perfect worktop is amazing, but there’s nothing like visiting a showroom in person. Worktops are a long term investment and it can seem daunting to choose colours and materials, especially when scratch resistance and practicality are factors to consider.

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Granite Worktops, are they out of fashion?

So has granite had its day as a worktop? that is a question that many designers are asking. Though the practically of quartz worktops and the new more natural colours are making quartz much more popular than before, granite is still being specified throughout kitchens though not in the same volume as before, so what does this mean for the good old granite worktop?  Well in all the time we have been working with stone we have seen the trends change constantly, from just black granite to light colours, to quartz colours, and then exotic granites. However the current at the current time Granite worktops are specified mainly in exotic colours, however we see the trend moving towards textures and finishes. You can take a simple granite like steel grey and play with textures and then you have the Steel Grey Alligato finish that looks amazing. Cosmic Black Leather is a very popular granite for us, and looks amazing in a bespoke kitchen, the last installation was with a hand painted in-frame bespoke kitchen looked amazing. Then there is the rise of quartzite worktops like the Taj Mahal quartzite and the Superwhite that are more expensive than standard granites. This is where we see the market in granite Worktops moving towards more unique materials, and textures. The trusty old Angolan black Granite Worktop will be still be used but the markets appetite is now ripe for newer colours, but it is harder for designers to sell due to the relatively unpredictable nature of stone and patterns these types of colours need to be viewed either as a high resolution image or inperson prior to purchase. So for ease many designers will specify quartz. But for me Natural beats man made, time after time. We can see the Bespoke Side has started move away from the quartz and move into more unique materials that will be more expensive whether natural or natural looking. Some of these are more difficult to work, like the porcelain worktops and Lapitec. Already this year the interest and number of enquiries in Sintered surfaces like Dekton, Lapitec, Neolith, and Laminam is already up and this is a trend we see continuing. So has the granite worktop had its day? In my humble opinion the trusty rock worktop has been around for millions of years its not going to disappear now.

Quartz worktop trends for 2016

marble texture, white marble background

For 2016 expect to see quartz worktops that mimic the beauty of nature.

We are seeing market leaders like Caesarstones new range gaining popularity in Top End Kitchens. Colours like the Bianco Drift, Calacatta Nouvo, and Piatra Grey that mimic the veining of natural marble are very fashionable and many designers are incorporating this look into their kitchens for 2016. Continue reading

3 Ways to Keep Your Home Feeling Cosy This Autumn


Autumn is definitely here and although the colder weather has started setting in, you may still feel reluctant to switch on that heating in your home.

But what if we told you that you can make your home feel warmer without having to worry about your heating bill? Believe it or not, the way that you decorate your home can have a massive impact on how warm you will feel, simply using material and colour!

Want to know how? Wonder no longer! Here are out 3 tips on how to keep your home feeling warm and cosy this autumn without running up a huge heating bill!

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Important Maintenance Tips for Autumn

Autumn in The Forest - iStock_000050857662_Medium

As a leading supplier of high quality granite worktops in Cheshire, we know the amount of care and attention that goes into making a home. So as the summer sadly falls away and autumn looms around the corner, now is the best time to check up on all those little jobs outside the house that you put off while the sun was still shining. Continue reading

Superwhite Quartzite Granite or Marble ?

Superwhite is a lovely stone that originates from Brazil.  Its popularity for use as a  kitchen worktop has increased in high end kitchens over the last 18 months. It has a lovely look of a marble worktop without the inherent issues that put people off marble worktops like acid etching and scratching. However Superwhite is not a true Quartzite that is as hard as granite if not harder, it is actually a dolomite. Which has properties that are between marble and granite.  Our advice is to get a small sample of superwhite and test it with lemon juice and weak acids to see if it acid etches and scratches easily. However it is a truly stunning material, exceptional when used as a worktop in the right setting. For our team here we believe superwhite displays all the character of natural stone, being truly individual and unique. Let our Superwhite worktops bring the beauty of nature to your home.

SUPER WHITE quartzite worktopSo in conclusion what is superwhite? Well most fabricators would class superwhite as a quartzite though that is not 100 percent true. However in the fabrication industry stones are often clumped together and grouped into large groupings, though these may not be geologically accurate. Many stones sold as granite are infact gneiss like kashmir white and kashmir gold. So would we recommend superwhite for use as your kitchen worktop? Most definately, it will require some care however it looks truly stunning as a kitchen worktop. Make an informed decision take a sample home, try it by  squeezing some lemon juice onto the surface and cutting on it with a knife. See the results and make your mind up based on the facts. If you require any further details please dont hesitate to call us.

Granite Worktops, do they scratch?

Granite Worktops are not indestructable, though sometimes worktop salesmen can overstate the properties of certain granite materials. Different types of granite do vary as to how easily they scratch or chip and how well they can be repaired. Absolute black granite is the hardest colour of granite to repair and any mottled granites are easier to repair. The edges of granite worktops are particularly susceptable to chipping if they are subject to an impact.

So in conclusion granite worktops will scratch if they are subject to abrasive materials, these can be repaired  however is they are cared for properly they will last a lifetime. Quartz worktops are less prone to scratching than granite and are generally harder to chip again these worktops are not indestuctable either. For any queries you may have contact us for an informal chat.

Question? Do my quartz worktops need sealing?

Quartz worktops have a much lower absorption rate than granite worktops and usually do not require sealing. However if your quartz worktop is honed or textured then they will require sealing. With these finishes the pores are wider spaced increasing the absorption rate which can mean that any spillages are more likely to stain your new quartz worktop.

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Question? Do my granite worktops need sealing?

Granite worktops always need to be sealed. We use sealant which works by blocking the microscopic pores for stains to bind to and gives a protective coating that lasts for many years. All our granite worktops bare sealed after fabrication and then once again on installation.

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