Accessories and features available from Granite House have been sourced and selected to enhance the exciting paving ranges available. To create the finishing touches we have edgings to compliment our Sandstone and Limestone Paving ranges, along with stepping-stones, spheres and Slate Totems. Also a selection of natural stone troughs all individually carved by our stonemasons for real rustic appeal.

Sandstone Spheres.
Available in four diameters and exhibiting multi colouring and veining, Granite House’s ornamental spheres are perfectly rounded orbs of Sandstone. May be used individually or as a combination of different sizes, incorporated in and among garden features or used a focal points to enhance the patio. They may be bored and used as a water feature, thus intensifying the vivid colours of the stone whilst cascaded with water.Imagination will embellish any landscape surroundings.

Stone Troughs.
Granite House’s natural sandstone troughs are individually carved by our stonemasons as a result each trough will be different in character and thus each one is unique. The sandstone brings with it qualities of longevity, durability and timeless appeal. These can be used to enhance any garden project.

Slate Totems.
Granite House’s Slate Totems are natural slate poles with a beautiful rustic and distressed effect; they provide new opportunities for the creative landscape designer; Monoliths, raised planters, a waterfall or your own unique creation, they can be used safely in ponds and water features alike. Granite House’s Slate Totems are a natural product and therefore no two pieces will be identical in shape; size or detail so choose those best suited to your project from the selection held at the Granite House showroom.