Slate is a fine-grained, very dense, metamorphic rock, which characteristically can be split into broad sheets. Real Slate remains a popular choice for use throughout the home owing to its affordable and durable nature. Our range of Slate tiles include the popular Graphite Black Slate tiles and our Classic Rustic. Whatever room you're thinking about installing natural slate tiles in you won't need to worry about finding the right tiles for you - simply browse our range and discover your perfect tile.

Slate is not as porous as other natural stone tiles like travertine and sandstone, this impermeable nature has made it a popular material for centuries so suitable for all areas of the home. We have a range of natural riven slates, which have a visibly textured surface, which provides an authentic rustic look. Our Brushed slates however have a unique soft riven surface, which is achieved by gently machining the top of the tile, resulting in a sleeker, contemporary effect which is easy to fit and maintain. If you're looking for a stone for barefoot areas of the home this is the perfect one for you.

By installing Slate tiles you can transform an interior whether you want to create a classic, vintage, modern or contemporary look. Our variety of natural stone tiles is set to impress and we're sure you'll find the tiles you're looking for.

At Granite House we import our natural stone tiles direct from India and stock in the UK, which ensures we can then pass these savings onto you to ensure you receive only the highest quality Slate tiles at the very lowest price.