Lapitec is a supreme example of a construction material developed by employing advanced scientific manufacturing techniques. (Patented) Not a natural stone, neither an artificial quartz stone nor a ceramic or a porcelain but a unique product now defined as a Sintered Stone.

Lapitec is inert and tolerant to very high temperatures, frost and unaffected by moisture and is also resistant to UV light, acids and alkalis. Lapitec’s extreme hardness makes it particularly resistant to scratching, abrasion and everyday wear and tear.

Lapitec slabs are full bodied and as such composition, physical and visual properties are extremely consistent throughout. Contrast this with ordinary porcelain and traditional ceramic tiles which have a layered structure and where the colour, design and surface finish is applied on the face only. All this makes Lapitec an excellent choice for any project big or small this product will meet all your requirements.