3 Unique Yet Effective Kitchen Countertop Decorations

You’ve gone to the effort of creating a beautiful kitchen for your home, and now you’re looking to fill it with beautiful furnishings too!

You’ve probably already looked at the obvious furniture such as chairs, curtains and other utensils, but you may have noticed that your wonderful new granite worktops are looking a bit bare compared to the rest of your kitchen.

In order to combat this, we’ve pulled together three decorative items which you can use to decorate your worktop to make it look a little busier without looking too cluttered.

Decorative Plates or Bowls

If you want to make your kitchen looked a little more lived in and homely, adding plates or bowls on your countertop is a subtle way to do this.

You don’t even have to use them – in fact, if you use them purely for decorative purposes, you can always guarantee that your countertop will have something there to keep it looking busy.

stacked bowls iStock_000058455274_Medium

We’d recommend getting a small matching set of plates and/or bowls and stacking them attractively and effortlessly; place some carefully on a slight angle to add a bit of flare! If you can match the colour of the set to your new kitchen – even better!

Recipe Books

We love this accessory, especially if you are trying to create a rustic, country kitchen style; the recipe book gives off the impression that you’re all about home cooking and putting that brand new kitchen to good use.

old recipe book iStock_000021765060_Medium

Not only does it make your kitchen space look used, but it is also good for inspiring you to pick up your oven mitts and get cooking some delicious new recipes!

Either stack your favourite recipe books along the back of your worktop or leave some “casually” laying around in an attractive manner to encourage your family to browse and suggest a meal for a change!

Miniature Herb Garden

If you’re a fan of giving your food a fresher flavour, you’re probably no stranger to adding herbs and spices to your food.

chives in a pot iStock_000012491940_Medium

Rather than spending a fortune on dried herbs at the supermarket knowing that you’ll go through the lot in about a week, why not invest in a collection of fresh herbs and proudly display them on your countertop in a simple container which complements the rest of your kitchen interior?

Not only will this give you access to a fresher tasting selection of herbs, but it will add a touch of nature in the process, too! Think of it as your own little indoor herb garden!

You don’t have to put up with an empty, boring countertop, but the first step to kitchen perfection is to choose an attractive worktop to start with – and that’s precisely where we excel! If you’d like if find out more information about our beautiful granite worktops, feel free to get in touch with our friendly team today!

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